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Coalescing Filters


For the removal of oil, water and dirt.

Coalescing Filter with Delta P Gauge

Applications — In every S.I.C. coded industry.

Housings — Constructed of aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel – rated at 250psi operating pressure with automatic drains and differential pressure gauges.

  • Single Element Housing — 1/4″ to 3″ NPTF
  • Multiple Element Housing — 2″ to 12″ Flanged

Elements — Modular, interchangeable consisting of prefilters and coalescing filters with six grades of efficiency/media ratings available.

PF-Prefilter — Designed for maximum prefiltration of larger particulates rated at 100% efficiency @ 1 micron with minimum possible differential pressures and to extend the service life of the higher grade microfilter installed thereafter.

CFA-Coalescing Filter/Alpha Series® — The most effective coalescing filter in this series to remove oil, water, and dirt from compressed air systems. The Alpha Series is capable of removing contaminates .01 micron with 99.99998% efficiency. The special foam socks on the coalescers are resistant to mineral, synthetic, and decomposed oils.

CFB-Coalescing Filter/Beta Series® — For more effective micron retention of oil, water, and dirt from compressed air. The Beta Series filter is designed to trap particulates, .01 micron and larger at an efficiency of 99.9999%.

CFC-Coalescing Filter/Gamma Series® — For the removal of oil, water, and dirt from compressed air systems. Capable of performing with 99.99% efficiency at the .01 micron level of filtration. In applications where compressed air is severely contaminated, it is recommended that CFC filters be installed upstream of the CFA filters, in order to achieve economical operation.

ACF-Activated Carbon Filter — For the elimination of odors from compressed air. The ACF filter is capable of producing compressed air which is 400,000 times more pure than the ambient air in which we breathe and is thus available for such applications.

DF-Dustfilter — Specialized in the removal of rust and dust particulates from compressed air systems.

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