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Hastelloy Filters

Hastelloy Filters

Full Selection of Hastelloy Filters for Demanding Operating Environments

Microdyne now offers Hastelloy filters for all our current standard stainless-steel configurations. We produce Hastelloy® C-276® and Hastelloy® C-22® versions of all of our sterile, steam, and liquid filters to operate in challenging environments. Ideal for customers whose processes involve highly corrosive media, such as those in the pharmaceutical industry.

Operating configurations include outfitting the filters with the following element types:

Elements for Hastelloy Filters

Elements have a double O-ring, plug-in, bayonet-type connection. Microdyne’s full-range of high efficiency, modular interchangeable range of elements are all available for use.

  • SF-Sterile Filter — Removes bacteria and viruses in food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, and laboratory settings. Provides 100% sterile, bacteria-free compressed air at .01 micron.
  • PF-Prefilter — Provides maximum prefiltration of larger particulates. Rated at 100% efficiency @ 1 micron with minimal differential pressures. Extends the service life of the higher grade microfilter installed thereafter.
  • CFA-Coalescing Filter/Alpha Series® — The most effective coalescing filter in this series. Removes oil, water, and dirt from compressed air systems. Capable of removing contaminates down to .01 micron with 99.99998% efficiency. The special foam socks on the coalescers are resistant to mineral, synthetic, and decomposed oils.
  • CFB-Coalescing Filter/Beta Series® — Effectively retains oil, water, and dirt from compressed air. Designed to trap particulates .01 micron and larger at an efficiency of 99.9999%.
  • CFC-Coalescing Filter/Gamma Series® — Removes of oil, water, and dirt from compressed air systems. Performs with 99.99% efficiency at the .01 microns. To achieve economical operation in severely contaminated environments, it is best to install these filters upstream of the CFA filters.
  • ACF-Activated Carbon Filter — Eliminates odors from compressed air. Produces compressed air that is 400,000 times more pure than ambient air.
  • DF-Dustfilter — Removes rust and dust particulates from compressed air systems.

High Pressure Hastelloy Filters

We also produce high-pressure compressed air, gas and liquid filters with Hastelloy housings. Our high-pressure offering includes units designed for 375, 600, 940, 1500, 3000, 6000, and 10,000 PSI operation.

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