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By Todd Witengier

High pressure applications present a unique challenge for air and gas micro-filtration solutions. In part this is due to the fact that compressed air and gases at operating pressures higher than normal (those above 100 to 125 psig) pose a more serious environmental threat because the contaminant concentration is many times higher than that found in a normal system. For example, the existing contaminant at 100 psi (7 Bar) is increased 8 times that of atmospheric pressure for standard applications. At 4500 psi (300 Bar) the contaminant is increased 301 times that of atmospheric pressure. With a factor of 37 times greater contaminant concentration, the excessive pressure conditions will put a strain on the filter element and significantly reduce its usable life. As such, a staged approach to high pressure filtration becomes a more critical consideration for system design and implementation. Introducing a pre-filter prior to the installation of a higher efficiency coalescing filter (those with greater micron retention) or a sterile filter allows installed applications to avoid the complications of exaggerated contaminant concentration by employing a distributed filtration model.

Challenging further those end-users who seek high-efficiency filtration for high pressure applications is the prospect of even finding a manufacturer who delivers filters with 375, 600, 1000, 3000, 6000 and even 10000 psig capabilities. Challenging, but not impossible, as there do exist a handful of manufacturers with the expertise to produce serious high pressure filters for demanding applications.

Key criteria for selecting a manufacturer capable of producing high-efficiency, high pressure filters that meet your needs extend beyond just the base operating pressure ranges. Characteristics that must also be considered are the ability to meet or exceed the level of filtration required, as well as the flexibility to supply a filter(s) that will seamlessly integrate within your designed or current system. As previously alluded to, your supplier must be able to meet the grade of filtration sought, whether this be a series of filters installed in tandem for a two- or three-staged filtration model, as well as filters that are specifically designed to perform in high pressure steam or sterile applications. And finally, there’s system integration. This final characteristic is especially important in situations where the high pressure filter or filters are to be installed in current or established systems. Again, to be a viable supplier, the manufacturer must have both have the ability-and be willing to provide-a tailored solution to assist you in meeting your specific requirements. Depending on your system configuration, off-the-shelf solutions for pre-existing systems will oftentimes be insufficient or not applicable to your current system’s requirements. In addition to the type of filter element installed, another secondary configurable option includes the ability to customize the housing connection to match your system’s configuration. For example, as an end-user, you should have to option to specify the inlet and discharge connection types, such as integrating NPT or “AN” connections into the housing’s design. This allows the end-user to specify and integrate a customized solution rather than having to conform to what may be available.

High pressure filters are available for air as well as most gases, including those with corrosive characteristics. With respect to the latter, it is critical that the supplier have the ability to customize that housing’s metallurgical makeup to accommodate your specific application. For instance, for common industrial-grade filtration, carbon steel may be used. For sterile applications, the housing should be composed of stainless steel. Whatever your particular need, the manufacturer must have the flexibility to supply a tailored solution that can deliver the level of filtration you need, as well as have the ability to effectively operate in whatever environment in which it will be integrated, no matter how challenging.

Lee Maddox is a Product Manager and filtration expert at Microdyne Products Corp.-a U.S.A. manufacturer of compressed air and gas filters. Microdyne specializes in sterile air and gas filters, high pressure filters, coalescing filters, and our newest line of sanitary industrial filters. We service all industries that require clean compressed air and gas for their manufacturing process. Visit our website at http://microdyneproducts.com/filter-products/high-pressure-filters/ to see our complete line of High Pressure Filters.

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