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Steam Filter

Steam Filter with Sintered Stainless Steel Element

Steam filters are used to clean the output of pressurized steam systems, which typically experience contaminants commonly found in steam sources, such as dirt, rust, and scale particulates. Contaminants will dramatically reduce the life and efficiency of any filter element contained downstream of the steam source. Our filters for cleaning steam sources will effectively remove the coarse particulates prior to the steam being introduced to the downstream filters, such as sterile filters for in-situ sterilization, thereby increasing their functional life. Microdyne’s “STF” filters are the most economical solution to remove the contaminants outline in the text above. The elements for the filters are composed of sintered stainless steel, which allows them to effectively clean the steam before being introduced to downstream filters. Sintered stainless steel elements are also able to be cleaned for reuse, thereby reducing operating costs.

Applications and Construction of Steam Filters

Application — Our filters are found in every S.I.C. coded industry that requires purified steam. They are typically found in food processing, beverage, brewing, pharmaceuticals, and process applications. They are also used extensively in the chemical and petro chemical industries. And as stated previously, they are found anywhere a sterile compressed air system is employed.

Housings — The filters are constructed of stainless steel and are rated at 250psi operating pressure. They feature a sanitary design with a quick releasing main body clamp, as well as designed for industrial use with NPTF inlet/discharge and/or sanitary-flanged Tri-Clover connections. Our filters are available in single or multiple element housings with inlets and outlet sizes ranging from 1/4″ to 12″. And as with all of our stainless-steel filters, these filters are backed by a no-excuse, five-year unlimited warranty against manufacturing defects.

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