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Sterile Filters

Sterile Filter

Sterile Filter

Our Sterile Filters remove bacteria and viruses in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and laboratory compressed air applications.

We manufacture our Sterile Filters with mirror-polished, antimagnetic stainless steel housings to ensure 100% sterile filtration of air and gases. They are polished to Ra < 0.4µ and are either 304 or 316L stainless steel, depending on your requirements. The housings are rated to 250 psi operating pressure. They feature a sanitary design with a quick releasing main body clamp and your choice of inlet/discharge connection types. And as with all of our stainless-steel filters, these filters are backed by a no-excuse, five-year unlimited warranty against manufacturing defects.

Our elements have stainless-steel support sleeves and Microair Filter Media that is 100% binder free, which eliminates the possibility of microorganism grow through. We ensure constant efficiency under the most arduous application conditions, even with 100% excess loading, with the extra binder -free support fiber web, which holds the actual Microdyne submicrofiber web rigidly in place. Zero Migration is our standard.  They are sterilizable using steam or hydrogen peroxide. When sterilized the H202 deposits must be drained from the housing.

Elements for Sterile Filters

Elements have a double O-ring, plug-in, bayonet-type connection with machined stainless steel upper and lower end caps to ensure consistent fit, stainless steel support sleeves. They are in-situ steam sterilizable. The housings also accept all standard propylene, polyethylene elements with #222 and #226 design molded end caps.

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