Microdyne Products Corporation

What We Do

Microdyne Products Corp.—a manufacturer based in the U.S.A.—specializes in producing the finest quality High Efficiency Compressed Air and Gas Filters. Using superior filtration technology and a no-compromise design, we make compressed air/gas filtration for all industries affordable, efficient, and absolutely reliable.

We designed our module filter series to meet the ever changing needs of our customers. The complete range of filters offers the interchangeability of elements necessary to achieve the stringent requirements of each application. For example, we offer 12 distinct grades of coalescing elements for each filter model because we recognize the need for various levels of filtration performance, varied high/low temperature operating ranges, and chemical resistance necessary to achieve superior filtration for all applications. Offering one or two coalescing elements simply could not achieve this high level of performance.

We have recently introduced our premium line of Sanitary Industrial Filters, which are designed for applications that require the highest grade of purity without experiencing secondary contamination from the oxidation of aluminum housings found in typical low-grade industrial filters. These units are manufactured of stainless steel and replace standard aluminum filter housings installed prior to sterile filters in applications where purity is paramount. Our Sanitary Industrial Filters can be outfitted with pre-filter cartridges, three grades of coalescing filter cartridges, activated carbon filter cartridges, or dust filter cartridges depending on your needs. Our Sanitary Industrial Filters coupled with our Sterile Filters operate in tandem and are ideally suited to for dairy applications, pharmaceutical, brewing, food processing, etc.

For high-grade filtration in demanding applications, check out our line of Sanitary Industrial Filters and Sterile Filters. Call one of our application engineers today at (314) 291-5600 to configure the system that’s best for you.

Technical Assistance

The expertise of our trained staff of compressed air/gas system specialists are available to aid in the selection of our standard range of filters or more sophisticated custom built, staged filter systems. Whatever your filtration requirements, our factory trained distributor sales engineers and representatives are available to assist in design, layout, and after the sale backup to achieve the optimum level of performance expected from Microdyne’s products.

Application – Microdyne’s modular filters have been installed in every SIC-coded industry in the United States. Additional installations have been made in Canada, South America, Europe, Australia, and Japan, thus serving the needs of our customers worldwide.

Microdyne Products Corporation — Premium Compressed Air & Gas Filters