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Housing Data for Lenticular Filters

Our lenticular filters are equipped with your choice of inlet and discharge connection types and combinations. For food-grade operation, we fabricate the filters in 304 or 316L stainless steel, depending on your requirements. They are rated at 115 psi and are mirror polished to Ra < 0.1 µm. Model Inlet/Discharge Size Connection Type Module Size Modules Per Filter LTF-12-1 […]

Lenticular Filters

Lenticular filters are pre-filters and polishing filters that are designed as an alternative to plate and frame filters commonly used in wineries and breweries, dairies, pharmaceuticals, and petrochemicals industries. Because they do not suffer from leakage (product loss) that plate and frame filters do, our filters used in this capacity have a distinct production advantage. And since they […]

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