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Housing Data for Lenticular Filters

[RFQ] Our lenticular filters are equipped with your choice of inlet and discharge connection types and combinations. For food-grade operation, we fabricate the filters in 304 or 316L stainless steel, or C-276 Hastelloy, depending on your requirements. They are rated at 115 psi and are mirror polished to Ra < 0.1 µm. Model Inlet/Discharge Size Connection Type Module […]

Lenticular Filters

[RFQ] Lenticular filters are pre-filters and polishing filters that are designed as an alternative to plate and frame filters commonly used in wineries and breweries, dairies, pharmaceuticals, and petrochemicals industries. Because they do not suffer from leakage (product loss) that plate and frame filters do, Lenticular filters used in this capacity have a distinct production advantage. And since […]

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Hastelloy Filters

[RFQ] We offer Hastelloy® C-276® and Hastelloy® C-22® versions of all of our sterile, steam, and liquid filters to meet the challenging requirements facing many of our customers whose processes involve highly corrosive media, such as those in the pharmaceutical industry. High Pressure Hastelloy Filters In addition to offering a full line of Hastelloy filters for standard operating […]

Low Pressure Stainless Steel Filters

[RFQ] Microdyne is proud to offer a new line of Stainless Steel Low-Pressure Filters. Capable of performing with pressures as low as 1.5 psi while providing sub-micron filtration with low differential pressure, our low-pressure filters offer a level of performance previously unavailable. These filters are specifically designed to service the following industries (to name just […]

High Pressure CNG Injection Filters

[RFQ] Introducing Microdyne Products’ new line of patent-pending, ultra high-pressure natural gas injection filters for enhanced oil recovery. We’ve designed these filters specifically for natural gas and petroleum producers to use in the secondary production phase, injecting natural gas into the waning formation to enhance production of an existing production well. The filter housing’s patent-pending […]

Sanitary Industrial Filters

Our newest line of Sanitary Industrial Filters offer unsurpassed filtration for all grades of coalescing filters in the same sanitary stainless steel housings as our sterile line of filters. The Microdyne Products Corp. line of sanitary filters are ideal for use in such industries as: Pharmaceuticals Food Processing Aseptic Packaging Dairy Beverage Electronics Semiconductors Laboratories […]

Sterile Filters

[RFQ] Application — For the removal of bacteria and viruses in food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, and laboratories. Housings — Constructed of stainless steel – rated at 250psi operating pressure. Sanitary design with quick releasing main body clamp as well as industrial designed with NPTF Inlet/Discharge connections. Elements — Double o-ring plug-in type with machined stainless steel […]

Product Data Sheets

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Filter Products

Compressed Air/Gas High Efficiency Filtration [RFQ] Compressed air represents the most versatile and expensive utility today. However, due to the heavy concentration of contaminants in the atmosphere – up to 180 million particulates of dust, bacteria, viruses, as well as oil and water vapors in every cubic meter of ambient air – it is the […]

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