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Microdyne Awarded Patent For High Pressure Natural Gas Injection Filter

St. Louis, MO/USA – October 18, 2021 – High-efficiency compressed air and gas filter manufacturer Microdyne Products Corporation announces that it was awarded a United States Patent for its innovative High Pressure Natural Gas Injection Filter. This unique filter was initially designed and manufactured to address the needs of the petroleum industry, particularly to aid in oil extraction from low-producing formations. Using Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) methods, natural gas is pressurized to nearly 10,000 PSI, filtered and re-injected into waning formations to boost the output. Naturally, this method to economically extract additional oil extends the useful life of qualifying formations.

With conventional filters, costs increase during the maintenance phase of operation. Filter element cartridges must be routinely replaced to operate effectively with low differential pressures. It’s during this phase, however, that costs can escalate due to production losses resulting from excessive production downtime, as well as increased labor costs to exchange the filter element cartridges. Microdyne Products Corporation’s high pressure natural gas injection filter addresses these issues with its patented design incorporating a removable manifold to easily exchange the filter cartridge element from the top of the unit. This is preferred to the conventional method used by other filter manufacturers that require removing the filter housing bowl—a process that requires the filter to be completely removed from the skid to gain access to the bowl. Changing out via the top of the unit allows the unit to remain in place during the exchange, thereby significantly reducing the downtime during routine maintenance cycles.

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