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Introducing Our Sanitary Industrial Line of Filters

Microdyne Products Corp. is the first company in the world to offer a complete range of “Sanitary Industrial” filters from 1/4″-3″ inlet/discharge, single element to 2″-12″ flanged, multiple-element units. The entire range is offered in stainless steel housings, available with either sanitary connections, stub weld connections, threaded connections, and flanged connections. The complete range consists […]

Sanitary Industrial Filters For Advanced Compressed Air and Gas Filtration

By Todd Witengier The newest name in advanced microfiltration technology for industrial compressed air and gas applications is the availability of Sanitary Industrial Filters. These filters offer the performance of standard, widely available coalescing filters, pre-filters, and activated carbon filters, but are manufactured with stainless steel housings and are typically equipped with sanitary inlet and […]

Low Pressure Stainless Steel Filters

Microdyne is proud to offer a new line of Low Pressure Stainless Steel Filters. Capable of performing with pressures as low as 1.5 psi while providing sub-micron filtration with low differential pressure, our low-pressure filters offer a level of performance previously unavailable. These filters are specifically designed to service the following industries (to name just […]

Filter Products

Compressed Air/Gas High Efficiency Filtration Compressed air represents the most versatile and expensive utility today. We offer filter products that address the need for clean compressed air for all industries. This includes food production, beverage, brewing, and pharmaceutical just to name a few. However, due to the heavy concentration of contaminants in the atmosphere—up to 180 million […]

Housing Data For Flanged Connections Of Vent Filters

Size Nominal flow (SCFM) Flange Size Connections Elements Per Filter 14 78 2″ 1 17 112 2″ 1 20 224 3″ 2 30 336 4″ 3 40 448 6″ 4 60 672 6″ 6 80 896 8″ 8 100 1120 8″ 10   [RFQ] Related Information Back to Vent Filters Housing Data For NPTF Connections […]

Housing Data For NPTF Connections Of Vent Filters

Size Nominal flow (SCFM) NPT Size Connections Elements Per Filter 3 8 1/2″ 1 11 24 1″ 1 12 36 1 1/2″ 1 13 58 1 1/2″ 1 14 78 2″ 1 17 112 2″ 1   [RFQ] Related Information Back to Vent Filters Housing Data For Flanged Connections Of Vent Filters Vent Filters Product […]

Vent Filters

Application — For the venting of tanks, both while filling and evacuating to protect the contents and atmosphere in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industries. Housings — Constructed of sterilizable stainless steel. Available in single and multiple element designs. Elements — Double o-ring plug-in bayonete type. Stainless steel end caps and support sleeves. […]

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