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Introducing Our Sanitary Industrial Line of Filters

Sanitary Industrial Filters, Including Sterile Filter

Sanitary Industrial Filters, Including Sterile Filter

Microdyne Products Corp. is the first company in the world to offer a complete range of “Sanitary Industrial” filters from 1/4″-3″ inlet/discharge, single element to 2″-12″ flanged, multiple-element units. The entire range is offered in stainless steel housings, available with either sanitary connections, stub weld connections, threaded connections, and flanged connections.

The complete range consists of Prefilters, Coalescing filters, Activated Carbon filters, Dust filters, and Vent filters.

Applications: Hi-tech industries, such as electronics, semiconductors, medical, hospital, food processing industries, etc. who recognize the need for the highest grade of purity without experiencing secondary contamination from the oxidation of aluminum housings typically found in industrial filters. These units replace standard metal filter housings installed prior to sterile filters in all industries.

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