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Introducing Our Sanitary Industrial Line of Filters

Microdyne Products Corp. is the first company in the world to offer a complete range of “Sanitary Industrial” filters from 1/4″-3″ inlet/discharge, single element to 2″-12″ flanged, multiple-element units. The entire range is offered in stainless steel housings, available with either sanitary connections, stub weld connections, threaded connections, and flanged connections. The complete range consists […]

Sterile Filtration for Compressed Air Systems

By Todd Witengier The need for 100% sterile, bacteria-free, compressed air is common for a range of industries that is as varied as the applications they serve. Food processing and packaging, aseptic packaging, beverage production and bottling, brewing, dairy, and pharmaceuticals are just a few of the industries that require uncompromised sterile filtration of the […]

Sanitary Industrial Filters For Advanced Compressed Air and Gas Filtration

By Todd Witengier The newest name in advanced microfiltration technology for industrial compressed air and gas applications is the availability of Sanitary Industrial Filters. These filters offer the performance of standard, widely available coalescing filters, pre-filters, and activated carbon filters, but are manufactured with stainless steel housings and are typically equipped with sanitary inlet and […]

Product Data Sheets Now Available

Our Product Data Sheets are now available for download in PDF format. Sanitary Industrial Filters Sterile Filters Steam Filters Coalescing Filters Low Pressure Filters Vacuum Filters Dust Filters Vent Filters

Selecting and Maintaining Steam Filters for Industrial Applications

By Todd Witengier Steam filtration is a vital part of any industrial application requiring steam as an energy source, whether it’s for driving mechanical processes, heating, or sterilization. Steam is an inherently dirty resource commonly contaminated with rust, scale and other particulates. The maintenance program for any steam-based system should always include a filtration component […]

Microdyne Awarded Patent For High Pressure Natural Gas Injection Filter

St. Louis, MO/USA – October 18, 2021 – High-efficiency compressed air and gas filter manufacturer Microdyne Products Corporation announces that it was awarded a United States Patent for its innovative High Pressure Natural Gas Injection Filter. This unique filter was initially designed and manufactured to address the needs of the petroleum industry, particularly to aid […]

Microdyne’s Patented High Pressure Enhanced Oil Recovery Filters

St. Louis, MO/USA – October 18, 2021 – High-efficiency compressed air and gas filter manufacturer Microdyne Products Corp. announces a new line of patented high pressure enhanced oil recovery filters for tertiary stages of oil recovery (EOR) operations. Microdyne specifically designed the filters for natural gas and petroleum producers to use in the secondary and […]

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